8am - Nov 26, 2009
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We mostly think of models as miniature versions of the real thing, 1:72, 1:48, 1:87 and so on. Well, every now and again, the models get their revenge and make it the other way round - from small-size original to full-size 1:1 realization.

Hot Wheels does it with Show 'n' Go versions of some of its custom designs. And the Thunderbirds movie did it with some full-size versions of Gerry Anderson's miniatures from the TV puppet series.

This video shows a number of 'dream cars', but also sneeks a peek at the updated and redesigned Anderson cars, including a super-sleek version of that oh-so-delicious six-wheel Rolls-Royce, driven by chauffeur Parker for his boss, "m'Lady" Penelope.

A nice little movie, with a decent techno backing track - so crank up those speakers to LOUD!

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