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11pm - May 6, 2009
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This kit was made by both Revell and Monogram at different times. This was the original molded in green. This is a horrible kit. Sink holes, flashing, terrible fit. But gosh, it was made in the 60's. I think it had a parts count of about 20. No engine, no undercarriage, tires are plastic. does have looks. I just had fun with it. Believe it or not, this kit has 3 coats of bright red and 7 clear coats! It was just a good kit to experiment with. I will likely never put 7 clear coats on a model again, but it sure did give it a deep shine. Also, in case you didn't know it, this concept car became the original Batmobile. Hmmmm, makes me want to build another one in black......And yea, I know I overdid it with the editing.

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