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10pm - Jan 7, 2009
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Jack Minish hosts Trash or Treasure every Saturday morning at 7 a.m. on ABC7 (WZVN-TV Fort Myers, FL). Well Christmas is right around the fact next Thursday... So how 'bout some nice plush Steiff Toys this morning! Steiff was originally known for their "Teddy Bears"...and of course the Teddy Bears were named after Teddy Roosevelt. And so, they also did alot of these nice, nice plush stuffed toys. Let's go ahead and get started over here with this wonderful example of a Steiff toy... and it is very unusual and a little bit rare! This is a "pull toy", this is "Rattler" the bear. Now, Steiff as you may know is generally recognized by the "Button in the Era"; that's how they advertised their little animals with "The Button in the Ear". This one also has the tag down here in the middle of it's chest and from that tag I can tell that this animal is from about 1970. So, he's not that old but he's in perfect condion and he's unusual because he's a pull toy! Price on this little bear, even though he's not old...$300 to $400. Now next...let's go to the little Rooster over here. I just said these are generally know by the button in the ear, well the rooster obviously doesn't have any where do you hide the button?...Well it's right back here on his tail feathers! And there it is right there. And from the numbering on this particular tag I can tell this rooster is from the 1950's. A little bit of a rare item so I'd say this rooster is worth about $250 on the markey today. This real cute little "Circus Elephant"has "NO" button in the ear...what would happen is sometimes the parents would actually take the button off the toy because they didn't want little children swallowing the button. But, in this case though we're lucky we still have his tag right here on his chest and this is a 1950's tag, so he's a nice vintage Circus Elephant. Price on this little guy, I'd say he's probably around $175 maybe $200 to the right person. Steiff Toys made a great Christmas gift in the past and would still do the same today!

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