9am - Dec 3, 2012
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Joe Kelly jr interviews Carson Lev and Chip Foose with Mike Zarnock at the Diecast Space Super Convention in Las Vegas 2010.

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dreemdezignz on December 03, 2012


... quite a nice surprise ...

Mike, I'm really enjoying ALL the videos
you've posted thus far the past two days ... and
the plethora of additional ones tonight. The biggest
pleasant surprise of all is this one with Foose & Lev.

With my 1:64 'kuztomz', I try to mimic what I think
these 'masters' might first envision ... and then create.

Even within my designs for new scratch-built projects.
Their influence is some of the best inspiration I know of.

Thank You ... Thank ALL of you ... for your kind efforts.

my DREEM DEZIGNZ collection
from my inner
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