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1pm - Jan 25, 2012
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We are excited to announce the release of 7 new Build-A-Rama 1:32 Diorama products this month. In this video we have 3 of our new desert diorama mats that have various water features. The King & Country Egyptian Figure display excellent on these diorama mats. These 1:32 (54mm- 60mm) scale product, as with all Build-A-Rama products, is an essential addition to any military or toy soldier diorama. Build-A-Rama products are specifically designed to complement your military and toy soldiers, including all types of King & Country, St Petersburg, Conte, Frontline, Britains, Old Northwest Toy Soldier Co, Collector Showcase, Forces of Valor and 21st Century Toys 32X Thomas Gunn. These military diorama products will make your models come to life. Build-A-Rama only offers top-of-the-line, diorama model accessories that are hand-crafted in the USA. Each high quality resin piece has been painted and weathered by hand. Figures and vehicles are King & Country and are shown for scale purposes and are not included.

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