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1am - Sep 10, 2011
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They said It would never happen, but they were wrong. four billion people wiped out, like they never existed, those who survived wished they were dead. Third world countries had help from us for many years, eventually they didn't need our help anymore, they became like us, educated, advanced In technology, wealthy, better housing, plus their own nuclear power plants. But there was a big problem, to keep all those people moving, you need a source of energy, and that energy was food. Scientists said there was a sufficient amount of food on the planet, but they were wrong. The population had grown to nearly 8 billion, even genetically enhanced food was created In laboratories, and with the shortage of food they hastily rushed It out from these laboratories all over the world untested. Many people died from eating this food, side effects, and cancers through the years, but people were so hungry, they didn't care, as long as they had something to eat. But this source of food didn't last long, there were riots all over the world, governments were powerless, the police and the army, they no longer were strong enough to fight back. The nuclear plants around the world, the scientists and the workers abandoned them, and one by one each plant went Into meltdown, eventually exploding, the radioactive fallout Is so high now, It's unstoppable, what ever crops we had left are destroyed. I guess It was Inevitable, for years we listened to the professionals, we trusted them, so we selfishly carried on with our pitiful lives, because they said It would never happen....

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