1am - Sep 10, 2011
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We have a code RED people, an enemy force are In a convoy of military trucks driving through south America, they must be stopped. They are carrying biological weapons that could wipe out the entire human race. This Is a Stealth mission, you must not be seen, get In there and get those weapons. You are to leave no evidence of you being there, terminate anyone that gets In your way of this mission. GOOD LUCK. I made this diorama, then I got a selection of my die-cast Matchbox model vehicles, and with each one I tied a piece of black thread to them. I then got a volunteer from my family to pull each model vehicle along the diorama, and at the same time I videoed them using my faithful Canon Digital PowerShot A460 camera. I also videoed It from above to make out It was from a helicopter filming the convoy. I then edited all the bits together and added real sound effects of heavy traffic and a helicopter. It was really fun making this, I like It a lot, I could watch It all day, I hope you enjoy It too. :)

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