4pm - Apr 2, 2011
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Mike Zarnock's new show "Hot Wheels Dreams" on Car Room TV! Hot Wheels author Mike Zarnock teams up with Car Room TV's Joe Kelly jr. for this intriguing new show about Hot Wheels, The Toys, The History, The Fun! Stay tuned.... Learn more about Michael Zarnock and his series of Hot Wheels Guides at http://www.MikeZarnock.com

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Dennis.diecastsplus on December 03, 2012


Great teaser for all the shows to come
Mike-Zarnock on December 03, 2012


Yes Joe Kelly is very much a part of Hot Wheels Dreams! He produces it and he's the one that makes me look so good!
There is more to come....
dreemdezignz on December 03, 2012


... this venture could be very successful ...

Mike ... this new Internet TV show of yours
(and Joe Kelly ? ... is he part of it as well ??)
could be an amazing success. Especially when
you have the opportunity to share the history ... and
all the 'gereration' changes of the various Hot Wheels eras.
It'll be great to learn more about those first 4 'magical' years.

This venture could be a real blast to enjoy ... with each viewing.
I wish you YOU ... and ALL involved ... complete success, and fun.

my DREEM DEZIGNZ collection
from my inner
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