8pm - Jun 16, 2010
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Mike Zarnock Interviews Dennis "Lil Daddy" Roth for "The Car Room TV". Dennis is the son of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth famous custom Hot Rod Designer/Builder.

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dreemdezignz on December 03, 2012


... outstanding video ...

Okay ... NOW I have a big smile
both on my face ... and in my heart.

Ed 'Big Daddy' was always someone I've
truly respected, and who's designs I admired.

Dennis looks and sounds so much like his Dad.
Talk about full reincarnation !! Even some of his
expressions and mannerisms are like 'Big Daddy'

I was in an after-Christmas 'slump' ... but not now.
Watching this interview opened many special memories.

Thank You Mike ... plus thank Dennis and Gary as well.
Gary's a real trip, Man. Like he IS the living 'ghost' of Ed.

my DREEM DEZIGNZ collection
from my inner
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