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9am - Mar 10, 2010
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Watch this classic Hasbro G.I. Joe Adventure Team commercial from 1975. Mike Power the Atomic Man uses his Kung-Fu grip and propellor to help rescue the secret message. See his flashing eye ! Also featuring the Talking Commander and Joe. Visit the Atomic Man at: Keywords: Hasbro US U.S.A USA 12 inch 12" fully poseable figure figures army men gripping hands kung-fu kung fu grip rubber plastic realistic hair beard bearded eagle eye eagleeye eagle-eye eyed eyes team GI G.I. Joe gijoe actionman action man geyperman geyper Polistil transport command adventure advert advertising commercial vintage classic fuzz head fuzzhead red redhead blond blonde brunette dark black painted brown head hard hand restrung joint joints rivets metal elastic part parts seventies 70s 70's 1975 ad AT device ledge rock cliff lower help rescue save secret map message case park trees outdoor activities activity fun enjoy happy outdoors great excitement exciting yellow blue wood sky skies sun sunny weather work works function no battery batteries required talk talking commander HQ uniform camo camouflage shorts olive snaps button buttons fly flies ptopeller propellor roto rotor rotocopter rotorcopter spin flash flashing paint painted arm arms leg legs plexi glass plexiglass see through mechanical robot android bionic strength power powers mike Joe drab soldier soldiers adventurer mission

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