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12pm - Aug 16, 2011
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I started off this diorama with the base, It's a simple piece of polystyrene, I then made walls, also from polystyrene, and held them to the base with bits of sticks you can get from any supermarket, they are used for putting small sausages on, the sticks are long In a pack and have very sharp points, so be very careful with these, place them In a long tub with a lid, don't leave them lying around or upright, sorry for the serious approach, but the points on these sticks are really pointy, I've had a few painful accidents wth them. I put finishing plaster all over It, I also made this little church from an old cereal packet. The trees are made of bits of a real plant I cut from my garden, and the sprinkle of grass, well that's real grass from my garden, I kept It In a bag outside In the shed to dry, It works wonders as real looking grass for dioramas. The base and walls plus the church are painted with emulsion paints, the little fire engines are weathered up a bit, the spikes on top of the walls are the tips of those sticks again. :)

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