12pm - Aug 16, 2011
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The hanger and ground are made from cardboard. It was painted in emulsion. The battery operated model helicopters are Sikorsky SH-3 Sea Kings and were made in the seventies by Dinky Toys. Dinky named the model, Sea King Helicopter number 724. When I bought the helicopters - from various sources - not one of them worked. I got them all back to working order. The U.F.O. is an old novelty fibre optic rotating light ornament - minus the fibre optics. I added helicopter sound effects. The little plastic military truck was pulled by a cotton thread. Also, the helicopter 'spotlight effect' was created using a torch (flashlight).

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Kelvin64 on September 02, 2011


A big thanks my friend, really glad you like It, appreciate It. If you ever get another one some time and that one Isn't working either then just simply look at my link In the comment dated August 18, 2011, and that will help you to get It going again. Many thanks my friend. assets/smilies/smiley.gif
Kelvin64 on August 18, 2011


I took snap shots of the little motor Inside this Dinky Sea King helicopter, In the link I have provided step by step Images and Information showing how to repair It and get the small motor running again. For anyone who wants to get this wonderful model working again just follow the link. http://www.diecastrestoration....=41&t=2198 assets/smilies/smiley.gif
Kelvin64 on August 16, 2011


Very kind of you my friend, appreciate It. A pity you didn't still have It, I have step by step Images showing exactly how to get the little motor going again. Really glad you like It my friend, many thanks again.
Baskingshark on August 16, 2011


Awesome video! I had one of these Dinky copters in a lot a while ago, but I couldn't persuade the motor to work!
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