1pm - May 31, 2011
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This is a collection of images from the innitnet (Toytoni, Brianstoys,SWCA...) Living in London you come across such vintage action figures circa 1978-89 now and again. I have a few; Palitoy(of course), 1 Brazilian Luke, a C1P8, 1 PBP rotj Snaggletooth, a few Clipper, a few German, a couple of Japanese (thats my Jap tie fighter), 1 Canadian rotj Teebo, Meccano Jawas, Ben,Yan/Luke, Yoda long bubble and ROTJ chewie. In over 16 years of collecting I have never seen any Toltoys (apart from POTF atat, Nikto & GG). Only ever seen 1 Lilly Ledy,Canadian stuff is fairly rare, Only French Jawa is common...though I have seen 3 Yan/ Lukes. I also have a toptoys Storm and Vader.It is well known that most German / Clipper stuff comes from a dealer in Brighton! The most available cards here are Kenner, Trilogo and Palitoy.I hope this has been informative.

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MKMFILMS on June 05, 2011


This is the best vintage foreign guide out there!
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