Revell 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird Hot

Revell 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird

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Manufacturer Revell
Model Type Vehicle - Passenger Car
Manufacturer's Reference Number 85-4921
Scale 1:24

1970 super bird

Another excellent muscle car kit, this one has it’s roots in the old 1970 GTX from the early 80s. Besides the Superbird, that GTX tool also begat the ‘70 Road Runner kit. Before this kit, the only Superbird we ever had was the old Johan kit, but that one needed quite a bit of work to make a street car. This one is much better, easier to find, and a heck of a lot more affordable.

The engraving for the vinyl top of this car is excellent, and will look a lot better than the smooth top of that old Johan kit ever could. There are also a couple of filler pieces engraved into the body at the base of the rear window, just as on the real car. The nose is separate from the body, with clear turn signal lenses. The front fender scoops are separate parts, as is the three-piece spoiler on the rear deck. Thankfully the spoiler mounts positively, with pins that glue into corresponding holes on the rear fenders. The hood has the proper extension molded to it. The front spoiler is a separate part.

The interior has decent engraving, but I wish it had better door panel detail. Still, it was par for the course at the time the GTX kit was introduced. Bucket seats are two part units. The steering wheel is separate, and mounts to the steering column which is part of the dashboard. The console is molded as part of the interior tub. There is a pistol grip shifter on the chrome tree.

The engine is the 440 six barrel, with optional 2x4 setup not mentioned in the instructions. It has the large stock oval air cleaner with the correct “six barrel” decal. (Plymouth called it “Six Barrel”, while Dodge held the rights to the snappy “Six Pack” moniker.) Valve covers are chrome. The battery, windsheild bottle and aintifreeze overflow reservoir are all molded in place to the inner fenders, but look good.

The chassis is well done. The front suspension is done as a unit inegral with the K me,ber, while out back is a rear axle/springs/driveshaft unit. The wheels are Magnum 500s.

The decal sheet has stock Superbird graphics (except for the copyrighted Warner Brother items), the blackout area for the headlight covers, two license plates, side markers, “Plymouth” letters for the rear deck, underhood decals, and grahics for a fictional race car looking version.

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