2010 Ford Shelby GT500 Hot

2010 Ford Shelby GT500

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Manufacturer Revell
Model Type Vehicle - Passenger Car
Manufacturer's Reference Number 85-2623
Scale 1:12
Material Plastic

WOW! That seems to be the best way to describe this kit. Awesome subject, easy construction, and great detail. The only drawback to a kit like this is that it takes much more room to display it. An impressive kit, despite it’s sheer size it resembles the 1/25 Mustang kit in many ways. This comes packed in a nicely reinforced box, which should protect the contents well.


The hood has a separate screen, which is molded open. The grilles are also molded open. Chrome buckets are provided for all the lenses, most of which are clear. The taillights are made from both clear and clear red lenses. The glass installs from the outside. Really, about the only glaring omission is the lack of an antenna on the rear fender.

Inside, it builds up much like the smaller kit. The side panels for the interior include not only the area beside the rear seat, but the B pillar detail as well.

All seats are separate, as is the console. Twin stripes are included on the decal sheet for the seat inserts. The gas, brake, and accellerator pedals attach to the dashboard underneath. The rear view mirror attaches to the sun visor unit just like the smaller kit.

The engine looks great, with excellent engraving and a slew of separate parts. About the only thing I thought odd was that there seemed to be no coil packs for the ignition system. Then again, not being familiar with the engines of these cars, I’m not sure what it should look like. I’d suggest searching the web for good pics of the engine area. The fan and radiator is a four part assembly. The exhaust is a separate part, with metal tips.

Engraving underneath looks correct from the reference material I’ve seen on the newer Mustangs. It includes the heat sheilds for the exhaust. The front suspension includes a separate tie rod and shock detail. The rear axle has separate spring detail, as well as front and rear sections. Sway bars are separate parts. The wheels attach with metal pins just like the 1/25 kit. Despite the size of the wheels, though, there is no valve stem detail. There are four wheel disc brakes with separate calipers.

On the decal sheet are body graphics in white, body emblems, and emblem for the gas cap. For the interior there are the seat stripes, speakers, and various details around the cabin. There is also a good one for the dashboard instruments, but unlike the smaller kit, there is one choice here. Additionally, there are various decals for under the hood as well as two license plates.

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