1977 Monte Carlo Hot

1977 Monte Carlo

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Manufacturer Revell
Model Type Vehicle - Passenger Car
Manufacturer's Reference Number 85-1962
Scale 1:25
Material Plastic

The Monte Carlo of the seventies was one of the classier cars on the road, and there were a lot of them sold. Finally, although thirty some-odd years later, we finally get a model of one. It’s a simple kit, but looks good sitting on the shelf.

First of all, I’d like to say that this car holds a special interest with me, because I had a ‘77 for several years. That being said, this is actually a ‘76. Note the lack of a hood ornament, which was present on the ‘77s but not the ‘76. Other than that, the cars are identical, and most people don’t know the difference anyway. The body is molded in red, which might present problems if you wish to paint it a different color. The vinyl top is molded in place, and quite frankly, these cars look rather bare without it. I’m sure most of them had the vinyl top. There are separate door mirrors provided. The front bumper and grille unit is molded as one unit, but to be accurate you’ll want to paint the parts of the nose between the grille openings the same color as the body. Headlights are clear, and taillights are clear red.

The interior looks correct, at least as far as I can recall. My car had a bench seat, while this one has the sportier bucket seats with console. Door panels are separate, which will make for easier detailing. The steering column has the levers for turn signal and the tilt.

The chassis is nice, although it is a curbside piece. About the only thing I find in error is the dual exhaust. I never heard of any of these cars having dual exhaust. Performance was a thing of the past. My personal car had a 350 V8, the largest engine available in 1977, and it had single exhaust.

Wheels are Rallys, which mount securely into the tires, and ride on steel axles. Two screws hold the chassis in place.

The decals are peel and stick flames, perfect for beginning modelers.

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