Corgi 273 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Coupe with Take-Off Wheels

A recent forum thread about this model prompted me to take some pics. It really is a very nice model. Issued in 1969, it was only available for a couple of years with Take-Off Wheels before being converted to WhizzWheels. It was available in pearl white over light grey-blue, or silver over light grey-blue, with the latter being rarer. In addition to the removable wheels and Golden Jacks, it featured an opening bonnet, boot and doors, tilting seats and jewelled headlamps.

There's supposed to be a spare in the boot, but mine is missing. I still have the box, although it's a little worn and missing the cellophane.







You can find the ToyPedia entry for this model here.

a guest on January 10, 2012


I have the Corgi Roll Royce Silver Shadow No 273. It's in immaculate condition, never played with! Complete with the Spare wheel. The box is also immaculate appart from one of the end flaps, this must have had a price sticker on it at one point and somebody has pealed it off which has removed a small area of the print underneath about 1 inch by 1/2 inch. Would you be interested in buying it? Regards. Brian. 07714173623
Chris Sweetman
Chris Sweetman on April 11, 2010

Corvette wheel hubs and TOW

There are two distinct types of wheel hub for the Corvette. The earlier version has a point in the centre that is fairly sharp. This was changed and the centre on the second version is recessed.

I am lucky to have all the TOW models. The Mini-Marcos is from my childhood. I got the Hunter unboxed for a cheap price but it had the Rover wheels instead of the rally type. Another unboxed model I bought was the Rover and this even had the spare wheel in its boot mounted case.

A wonderful set and innovation at its peak in toy car production.

Cheers Chris
RVREVO on April 09, 2010

Hilman Hunter.

Missed out three time on the Hunter Rally car. Even the extreme playworn ones go for big money.

Richard K
Baskingshark on April 09, 2010


I just realised that I actually now have all seven TOW models (Corvette Stingray, this Rolls, Mini-Marcos, Hillman Hunter, Oldsmobile Toronado, Camaro, Rover 2000TC) plus the three that would have had them if they'd been continued (Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari Dino, Pontiac Firebird). I was missing the Hillman for the longest time, but finally got a nice one last year. I will have to see if I can locate them all for a group photo!
RVREVO on April 09, 2010

spare wheels

This Rolls is one of three models I'm still hoping to collect. Of the Golden Jacks series I've collected three Marcos Mini's (one dismantled for parts), two Camaro's (pending parts), the Corvette, and the Rover.
The Rover was missing its spare aswell, but sets of 12 wheels #1353 (Marcos) and #1352 (Rover & Camaro) are still readily available.
Every so often individual wheel sets come on eBay, the trick is recognising them from the photos.
The most difficult wheels to get are from the Corvette. The hub sticks out a bit further.
The spunhub look of the Rolls-Royce comes as a set fairly rarely. I knew I should have bought it all up when they were on a year ago. Could've helped out a couple of pals assets/smilies/wink.gif.

But anyway, because my Rover needed a spare I found seven on eBay and copped the lot. Although the detailing differs from the RR the hub size is similar. The tires diameter are a bit smaller. Tires I have on mine are with the Corgi imprint. parts/DSC09250.jpg
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