Back to Work and Restos coming off the bench soon.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Well I am finally back to work for about 2 weeks or so now. I have a number of older Dinky toys on the bench and some will be a variation on the original paint schemes. Some will be stock, specially the French Citroen. I also have a nice Code 3 or Custom as some would call it but it is not a flame job or while colors but a very well know brand name on this classic Studebaker. I am also playing with a customers Guy Warrior Van that is now a Flat deck with head board. Colors are not origially done this way but they are a variation of the stock colors. Watch the Diecast Restoration group threads for my posts. They should start in about a week or so as I complete the first 7 toys.

For the furture I have a couple Guy Vans to do in Weetabix and Spratt's livery, Austin covered wagon/truck, Landrover with Trailer, Rolls Royce Silver Wraith and three unknown toys from another good customer in the USA. I will keep you all posted in the resto threads.