Touch up techniques that work

Sunday, 06 March 2011

I have been doing a lot of silver detailing of late and one of the things about detailing, besides it being usually small details like lights, bumpers and grilles it seems that I get paint on my fingers somewhere along the line and I inevitably get paint on the model. Most times I notice right away and it is easy to remove either by wiping with a soft cloth as it is fresh or if not so fresh, using thinners or nail polish remover.

What happens when you don't notice for say, 20 or 30 minutes? Not a problem, don't panic. I found out while over painting some silver that had dried OVER NIGHT and I thought, I have to over paint this, dang. While doing that, with the base color of the model which in this case is Pink, I messed up and got pink in the wrong place. So, as it was right now, I just wiped it off and was going to start over. Well, there was no silver left on the pink where it had been and half the headlight I had hit was missing its silver too.

Next time you find over paint on a car, say some red on a black bodied car, (red roof on my taxi) try this method, it won't hurt as the paint on the bottom layer, black in this case, should be dry as you have already painted the red over top of it. Solid reds cover black quite nicely by the way. Just take some black and brush a little on the red to cover it, let it sit for a few seconds, maybe 6 to 10, then wipe if off with a soft cloth. You don't need thinners. Also, if you wet the clean soft cloth with some spit, it works great for taking off pits and pieces of dust and the last bits of over painting, if very slight.

There, a few tips on detail painting.

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