Toy Castle of the Week: CHAD VALLEY Toy Fort: Size No.1

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CHAD VALLEY Toy Fort: Size No.1


Made by a precursor of Chad Valley Co, Harborne, Birmingham, England....before 1920.

The Chad Valley Co was formed in 1920 out of three companies which had been trading under different names for more than fifty years. They produced a wide range of products and were well-known for their games and puzzles.

One of their less familiar lines was a range of toy forts known as The "Chad Valley" Toy Fort, which they produced in five sizes. This particular example is No.1, but it should correctly be described as a composite display set (more recently a play set) in that it contains nine toy soldiers (it is not known if any or all of the other the forts in the range had this feature). As Chad Valley did not produce figures of any sort, they must have been bought in.



20"(h) x 10"(w) x 9"(d). 505(h) x 255(w) x 230(d)mm.

This toy fort is a rare example - perhaps the only example - of a cardboard toy fort of this period. It is of multi-colour lithographed textured paper mounted on heavy strawboard (equivalent 650gsm (approx)) with the parts stapled together. The 54mm figures, coated with gilt paint, are of hollow cast lead alloy (lead, tin & antimony) from two different molds (probably made by Reka).


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