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Photo source: www.dinkystore.com

The 165 Ford Capri was made from 1969 until 1976 and cost 9/11. This model was one of the later productions given that the Binns Road Meccano factory was closed in 1979.

The model was released in three colours, the most common being the purple version shown in the photograph. Blue and turquoise versions exist but are harder to come across, and values are around £100 in mint condition, around £20 more than one would expect to pay for the standard purple issue.

The opening doors, orange interior, reclining seats, spring suspension, licence plates, jewelled headlights, and Speedwheels spoked wheels reflect attempts by Airfix (by now the owner of the Dinky name) to converge with mainstream competitors in order to compete with the likes of Corgi, Matchbox and Triang.

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