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Boomaroo Toys made a range of pressed steel vehicles and other toys in competition with other Australian manufacturers such as Wyn-toy and overseas toy companies such as the Buddy-L

The name derives from a combination of the words 'boomerang' and 'kangaroo' and their trademark depicted a kangaroo perched on a boomerang, above the words 'Made in Australia'.

Operating as Boomaroo  Products Pty Ltd in Sydney from 1954 to the 1970s. By the mid-1960s they had become associated with Artlay Manufacturing Company Pty Ltd.

 Boomaroo made cars, trucks, tractors trains -- as well as novelty toys, robots, kitchen toys etc.

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Baskingshark on November 25, 2008


I love these pressed steel toys - can we see more pictures, please?
NyamalaTone on November 23, 2008


I will never forget my surprise when I saw a small photo of a metal airplane made by Boomeroo Toys. It was described as an Avro Lancaster but I could not identify its features. I'd appreciate any information on sheet metal toy planes, tin or steel, made in Australia, or those made in Japan for export to Australia.
ModelCarFreak on November 23, 2008

They look Great!

I hope that was you as a child... could you add some of these to the Gallery or maybe write another article on them with some examples?
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