Star Wars is coming
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Re: Star Wars is coming 1 month, 4 weeks ago #61

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I have also looked at those Titanium Series and they remind me of those ones just a bit smaller in the Micro Machine of a decade ago. Cheers

Re: Star Wars is coming 1 week, 2 days ago #62

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Had to pay some re-sellers ransom for this one (hahaha) but I have given up on trying to find this one in stores. Even the Mattel website is out of stock on just about everything. Maybe with the new movie coming around Xmas they will have more of these back on the shelves.

Anyways, my b'day next week so I splurged. Typically 5 bucks in stores but this one went on the mortgage for 10 (hahahah). It cost me more to ship it though.

Yoda's Jedi Starfighter



Re: Star Wars is coming 1 week, 2 days ago #63

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There is always one that will be hard to find. Anyway you manage to get this one.

Re: Star Wars is coming 1 week ago #64

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There is about 4 that I have yet to obtain (that I know of).

No one seems to be getting new stock. The big department stores like Toys R Us and Walmart have very little on the shelves and they are older models. I know stores don't order individual models. They just get a box/case and whatever is there is there. If they still have items on the shelf they may be reluctant to order more until their stock diminishes.

The dollar store now carries them which tells me they are old stock that Mattel or department stores are trying to unload. I don't think Mattel is pushing these anymore as you can buy direct from their website which has very little in stock as well. Maybe this line up which is only a couple years old didn't take off the way they hoped.

A new Star Wars movie is coming this Xmas so maybe they will ramp up stock again.

Re: Star Wars is coming 1 week ago #65

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Hi. Yes on the subject this round of Mattel Star Wars seemed to die off around the major retail outlets although some of the Christmas stock is still available in a couple department stores. I have notice The Reject Shop still has a couple of the larger sets that came out last Christmas too. Just had a glance through the latest Toys R us catalogue and could not find any Star Wars either.

As you have already mentioned Tick, that the next movie might stir things about a bit in this field of collectables. I am still getting the Star Trek series which is up to number 84 having the NX Alpha that really looks good.
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