Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun
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TOPIC: Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun

Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun 1 week, 1 day ago #1

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Hello again,

I've recently expanded my Britains collecting to concentrate on vehicles. I was fortunate to buy up a couple of small collections, including a lot of parts which I would like to restore to complete vehicles, or to use in custom vehicles.

One of the vehicles is a Carden-Loyd tankette, which brings up the first request. The vehicle is somewhat beat up, but definitely worth trying to make presentable. Here is a picture:

If someone out there has a CL tankette with a crew, if they could take a picture of the crew outside of the vehicle, I'd appreciate it much. I need a picture reference of what to look for, but the best I have seen is waist-up shots of the crew sitting in the vehicle. The other tankette request is likely impossible, but I would like to put some sort of treads on the tankette. I think the treads need to be about 185mm in circumference, and about 5mm wide. The tankette had rubber bands on it, which looked pretty lame. I assume there are no replacement treads made for this, but I was hoping that there might be matchbox, corgi or some other replacement treads that might look better than nothing. Any recommendations?

The other request is to help with a most careful restoration. I finally got my hands on a nearly complete Britains 4.5 inch anti-aircraft gun. The problem is that the elevation arm is broken off at the geared elevation crescent and is missing. I assume the arm extends at a slight angle up to the gun and fits into what appears to be 2 mount holes in a flange under the barrel. Here is a picture of the rear of the gun, which shows where the arm is missing to someone who owns a complete gun:

BTW, even though it is not remounted to the gun yet, I do have the degree guide piece which will be mounted to the base of the gun. If someone has a 4.5 inch AA gun, if you could take pictures of the rear of the gun, showing that elevation arm between the elevation crescent and the gun, I would appreciate it very much. I want to fabricate a replacement piece that is as close to the original as I can make it. These guns are worth too much to do anything but a close to original replacement part.

Thanks for any help - Steve

Re: Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun 1 week ago #2

I can't help you on the parts Steve.
What I really like quality of the casting. That circulair base is a fantastic piece of craftmenship by Britains

Re: Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun 1 week ago #3

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I totally agree - the 4.5 inch anti-aircraft gun is the pinnacle of the Britains craftsmanship in their toy cannon line. See the 2 pictures, one breech closed but ready to fire, and one breech held open:

The circular base has a 360 degree marker, gear and knob adjusted (left). The elevation crescent probably has a 120 degree range (I am also missing the paper gauge on the elevation crescent), also knob adjusted (right). the breech is opened and a shell placed in, and the breech closes automatically (see the little spring on the breech slide rod in the upper picture). The firing spring is encased in the housing below the barrel, and it shoots fairly well. Near the left knob, there is a lever which appears to lock the elevation gear in place, so it will not move unintentionally. The trigger is the round lever on the top of the gun.

A complex, fascinating piece of toy engineering. Given that it was designed as a toy, and is rather complicated to operate, it is not surprising that it is so rare, because I suspect not many survived intact.

Re: Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun 4 days, 19 hours ago #4

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Don`t know if these are any good but if you google images for Britains 4.5 aa gun Vectus have one or two that might be of help or even try the set #1522

When it came to look for cl tankette the caption under the photo says METAL TRACKS

May well be there is another version with rubber tracks

Re: Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun 4 days, 2 hours ago #5

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I appreciate you looking on Vectis (I have looked there often for examples and what was available, as well as come very close to setting some bids). The issue is I need to see the back of the gun so I can tell how the flange on the elevation crescent (lower arrow) fits into the flange on the barrel (upper arrow). The piece is broken off and I need to replace it.

Also, with the Carden Loyd tankette, I need to see the crew outside the tankette.

Re: Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun 3 days, 18 hours ago #6

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Regarding the Carden Llyod tank 


There were 3 versions: - 


1202 intro 1931 - 1932 Driver figure only on left hand side (looking at the front)  - Rubber track

1203 1932 - 1940 changed to driver on right and gunner/observer on left - Rubber track

1203 - metal cast track 1940 - 1941. This was due to difficulties in obtaining rubber, same was seen on the lorries as they got metal wheels as well.


 A few photos of my rubber track version with the original crew and the replica's available on e bay from time to time, gun as well





The AA gun is one of there finest pieces and as yet I have to add one to my collection. They fetch good money so waiting for the right time!!

My collection is still growing, run out of space in display cabinet!!

Still got 4 more pumps to finish, all painted and need assembly.
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Re: Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun 2 days, 19 hours ago #7

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Now at least the C-L T is well documented for future reference many thanks. Nice collection and hope you find your missing pieces for the AA gun.

Re: Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun 2 days, 11 hours ago #8

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Much thanks!

Those pictures of the crew were exactly what I was looking for.

That is a verry nice collection you have there. My vehicle collection is nowhere near as nice. Currently working on a square nose ambulance (needs doors), a few staff cars (windscreen an grill needs), a tracked lorry (need a track). I am waiting on the weather to get a bit nicer before starting to cast some of the parts in pewter.

Re: Help needed on Carden-Loyd Tankette and 4.5 AA gun 1 day, 22 hours ago #9

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Doors for the Square nose are available form Steve Flowers, his door pins are not long enough for the rear doors though, so model aeroplane control wire is spot on.

I was lucky enough to buy a pot of Britains spares for the Staff Car radiators and windscreens (may get around to casting a few later in the year), a chassis and the bulk of a body, so another may emerge from the pile of bits, and will be painted in the sports car colours like my red and cream one.
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