50\'s Tin Friction \"WORKING\" Trucks
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TOPIC: 50\'s Tin Friction \"WORKING\" Trucks

50\'s Tin Friction \"WORKING\" Trucks 6 years, 6 months ago #1

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The vehicles shown below were all made in the late 50\'s... perhaps into the early 60\'s. There were several manufacturers of tin-friction toys- but these are mostly made by SSS and AHI in Japan. Though it\'s now not_PC to call them \"Jap-Tin\".. I find that the most recognizable way to refer to them to other toy collectors. I started collecting them in the early 80\'s because they were considered to be \"Studebaker\" trucks. When my son was born in the mid-90\'s, we would get them out and play with them on the kitchen floor. \"Somehow\" they aren\'t \"my toys\" anymore....   

Here are a few of my Son\'s Japanese Tin Friction Trucks. He always preferred to play with vehicles that did more than just roll around as you pushed them. He liked the shovel-trucks, cranes, dump-trucks, etc.. 
And if you could spin them up and let them sail across the kitchen floor... that was soooo much better! 

This pair of \"Grain Haulers\" have friction motors, working tailgates, and the smaller truck\'s orange bed raises and dumps as well. The Wt/Orange truck is 9 1/2\" long, while the Big Blue is 14\". 

These 3 trucks were my son\'s favorites. The white Lumber Truck has a strong motor, just a small rev- and it would scoot an easy 12-15FT. The Logs are held on by springs- and though I\'m not 100% positive the top log is original... It matches the others in every way except length. The Orange Crane Truck is also friction powered.. The Crane swivels 360 degrees. The crank on the side of the crane- operates the chain and hook. The boom will raise and lower by sliding along the small \"wires\" at the top of the crane\'s cab. The Steam Shovel Truck is really an engineering marvel. It\'s friction motor propels the truck a long way. Like the Crane Truck, the side-mounted crank raises and lowers the boom. An interesting feature is the 2nd knob on the side. If one twists it, it opens and closes the scoop\'s bottom plate. 

I posted this Cement Mixer in another section of the site... but it belongs here too. It is friction powered also.. and as it moves along the floor- a gear driven rubber wheel will turn the Barrel. The barrel raises using a small pivot at the rear, and the \"concrete\" will pour down the movable slide. 

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Re:50\'s Tin Friction \"WORKING\" Trucks 6 years, 6 months ago #2

I have one old tin truck, from the early to mid 60\'s. It\'s a Freightliner cab over with Safeway supermarkets livery. I don\'t have the trailer to it, found the tractor on that auction website late one night. It does have a friction motor, I\'ve not tried it to see if it works. Rusty, and the plastic windows are gone out of the windscreen, but it\'s still one of my favorite finds. I\'l have to get it out and take some pics.

Re:50\'s Tin Friction \"WORKING\" Trucks 6 years, 6 months ago #3

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Great collection of tin trucks good to see.
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